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What I Learned from a Photo a Day: or, How to Get Over Being a Perfectionist

I have perfectionist tendencies. I get in my own way A LOT! There are so many things that never get done because I don't feel ready or "good enough".

Just a little over two years ago I decided to take on a personal challenge. I decided to post a photo a day to Instagram and Facebook for one year with photos taken only on my iPhone.

I simply wanted to kickstart myself to take an interesting photo everyday and I knew posting it to social media would keep me honest.   I choose to do it only with my iPhone for two reasons. Number one, it's easier to post photos taken on my phone and I wanted one less excuse that might stop me from completing the task. Secondly, I wanted to see how creative I could get just using my phone.

I was really nervous and wasn't sure I'd be able to do it for a whole year, but I did it! After 30 days, I knew I was hooked. (See my blog post...  Vacation Eyes) I had so much fun looking for that "thing" that would catch my eye and hopefully make a good picture. Then, I had fun editing the photos. I went a little Instagram filter crazy in the beginning!

IG Filter Crazy


There were days when I was sick or just crazy busy and had to figure out what to do at 10:30 or 11:00 at night. That taught me that I can do things even when I have reasonable excuses not to follow through.

Taken at 11:00 at Night

After a year, I decided to keep going using either my big camera or my phone. It gave me a little more creative wiggle room. My boys (and John) were amazing through the whole thing. They were so patient with always having a camera pointed in their direction and giving me permission to use photos. Whenever I'd say, "Oh wow, I don't have a photo for today." They would ask me where I wanted to go (the beach?) or give me ideas for things to do around the house.

With a Little Help from my Boys

The support I got from friends on Facebook and Instagram also amazed me. It made me feel a little more connected to my "far away" friends. There have definitely been days when I've had to post photos I thought were mediocre.

Two years has taught me that perfection doesn't exist and good enough is "good enough".  Some days, just showing up is "good enough". I'm taking a break from daily photos to make room for some other exciting projects.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who followed along and indulged my camera obsession.

Some Personal Favorites

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