How to Prep for your Family Photos

Posted 9/24/2015

It can be a little overwhelming to get your family ready for a photo session.  Trying to find the right time to fit in a session between sports and all the other activities that can keep your family running is just the first step in the process.  I've put together some tips based on my experience in working with families in all stages.  

What to wear:

Make sure the clothing you pick is comfortable and attractive.  It's a good idea to pick a neutral color scheme to build on with primary colors like red, yellow or blue as accents.  If it's an outdoor shoot that's likely to have a lot of green in the background, avoid wearing green.  Also, avoid fluorescent colors like hot pink unless it's a small accent item, like your little girl's favorite pair of boots.  You can build a cohesive look by choosing one person's outfit or favorite piece and coordinating the rest of the outfits with that.  Layers add texture and interest.  Think of adding layers with scarves, ties, blazers, jackets, sweaters, etc.  Avoid large patterns or graphic tees.  They pull attention away from the main subject... you!   Small patterns and textures can add great visual interest to the picture.  Remember, rules are made to be broken.  If you feel great in something, wear it!

Come Well Rested and Fed:

For outdoor photos the light is best in the morning or late afternoon.  However, try to schedule your shoot when your kids are at their best.  For younger kids, that can mean a morning shoot.  Make sure everyone's been fed before the shoot.  Let your photographer know if bribery with snacks or trinkets is acceptable.  Consider bringing their favorite bribes with you.  It helps to have them available and visible to younger kids.  

Stress Free Planning:

Give yourself plenty of time to get ready, and don't plan anything for directly after the shoot if you can help it.  Give yourself the best chance at taking a relaxed approach.  Kids will feed off of your stress level.  If you come relaxed and ready to play, they will too!  

Just say no to "Cheese":

Parents sometimes worry about their kids behavior during the shoot and tend to over direct their kids to smile or behave.   Let the photographer guide the session and worry about cajoling, entertaining and directing your kids.  Forced smiles look just like forced smiles and you'd be surprised at the beauty of a photo with a child who isn't smiling.  Trust the process. 

Have fun with your Family:

If your family has a favorite activity, bring props!  Come ready to run, jump, snuggle, squeeze and kiss.  Genuine interaction makes for great photos!  

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